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Modern society faces many corporate risks associated with sudden changes in economic structure, diversification, and sophistication.

In our daily lives, too, we often come face to face with risks that threaten our peace of mine, and whether we like it or not, our lives are filled with the danger that we may find ourselves caught up in trouble.

We believe that proactively obtaining appropriate information on a day-to-day basis, making decisions based on such information, and contributing to action is extremely important to forestall such problems.

Accurate and sophisticated information is necessary when forced to decide on the direction we should choose as a company, and when objective assessments and decisions on specific corporations or individuals are required.

In reality, our complicated society and organizations are causing friction in human relationships, leading to trouble arising from various interests.

In such situations, corporations often find it difficult to reach a solution on their own. The same applies to individuals.

In general, the reality is that, people who face worries can become fragile mentally and are unable to find the clues for solving issues on their own.

We offer a broad range of investigative services, including investigations into people and corporate credit checks, diversified investigations concerning corporate crisis management, M&A related investigations, intellectual property checks, asset (property) checks associated with debt collection, behavior (shadowing) investigations, traffic accident investigations, and private investigations such as the collection of evidence necessary for lawsuits resulting from extramarital affairs and adultery.

Through WAD (the World Association of Detectives), established in the USA in 1925, we use our extensive network of individuals in more than 70 countries, spanning the US, Europe, China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Southeast Asian countries, as well as state-of-the-art IT, and more to provide support for companies operating overseas such as conducting checks on foreign corporations, checks on specific individuals, foreigner recruitment investigations, location surveys, missing person investigations, behavior (surveillance, shadowing) investigations, security situation investigations, asset (property) checks, and finance-related checks concerning money laundering.

Our utmost priority is accurately solving issues facing our clients, thereby satisfying our clients.

We work day and night, striving to be the best partner our clients could ask for.

Intelligence Security Service Co., Ltd.
Toshihiko Ishizaki, Representative Director

Representative’s Profile

Toshihiko Ishizaki

Born in Nagasaki Prefecture, grew up in Shimane Prefecture

Ishizaki started working at Mitsui Life Insurance Mutual Company (now TAIJU LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED ) after graduating from university. He predominantly worked in the sales department, and as head of the sales department, a post he held for ten years, he accumulated experience and knowledge relating to management in general. He carried out tasks such as new contracts, recruitment and training of sales staff, personnel and labor management, and contract maintenance. He is a five-time winner of the national distinguished sales office manager award (comprehensive and corporate insurance category), a one-time winner of the distinguished sales office manager award (Kanagawa Prefecture Life Insurance Association) and one-time winner of the distinguished sales office manager award (Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce).
After a 21-year career at Mitsui Life Insurance, Ishizaki worked at a venture corporation before joining a company involved in providing a security service and investigations. Ishizaki was appointed representative director of the investigation company when the security service division and the investigation division split into two separate companies in 2008, and was appointed managing director of the security service company in 2010.
Ishizaki opened his own investigation office in March 2013 and was appointed representative director in November 2014 when the company was reorganized into a corporation.

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