Fee Table

Fee Table


Please feel free to contact us by telephone!
"Speed," "Accuracy," "No Missed Opportunities" Action is important
Please feel free to contact us by telephone regarding our fees. We believe that it is in both your and our best interest if we speak directly to you in order to accurately grasp your situation, the amount of information you have, and the areas to be investigated, and for us to give you pertinent advice, and inform you of the investigation period and of accurate fees, etc. Our fees have been set comparatively cheaper than those of other investigation companies, commercial agencies, and detective agencies, based on the strong intent of our representative, in order to give top priority to solving our clients' problems so that we can respond to your requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have been turned away or put on a back burner by other companies due to your budget. Please be honest if your budget has already been set. We will do our utmost to achieve your wishes to the best of our ability. Please contact us before throwing away your important, precious life.
The mission of Intelligent Security Service Co., Ltd. is to solve problems.

Fee System

A reassuring fee system that lets us give top priority to solving problems

  1. 1.Deferred Payments

    So that we can give top priority to solving problems for clients, in principle, we defer acceptance of payments to enable those in a rush and those whose cut-off dates and payment dates are predetermined due to corporate rules to request our services.
    (In certain circumstances we may request advance payment or an advance.)

  2. 2.Reasonable Fees

    We have set our fees even lower than the average fees charged by other investigation companies, commercial agencies, and detective agencies in Japan so that we can give priority to solving problems for clients and so that clients can feel at ease when requesting our services.

  3. 3.Clear Accounting

    We always provide an estimate prior to accepting investigation requests so that we can give priority to solving problems for clients and so that clients can feel at ease when requesting our services. We will contact your promptly if we need to carry out work that costs more than the estimate due to the progress of the investigations.
    As a result we do not charge for investigations undertaken, or additional expenses incurred, without your consent.

Types of Investigations and Fees

1.Asset surveys

  • Debt recovery surveys investigations

    Clarification of movables, real property, securities, etc.

    From JPY 100,000

  • * We do not charge fees (charges) if we do not discover any assets during the investigations stated on the left.
  • * Contingency fees
  • * Please inquire regarding specific investigation items.

2.Corporate investigations

  • General corporate credit checks

    Overall corporate credit checks

    From JPY 70,000

  • Management investigations

    Clarifying the state of management at corporations.

    From JPY 100,000

  • Representative checks

    Representative’s career and family situation, etc.

    From JPY 70,000

  • Officer checks

    Officer's career and family situation, etc.

    From JPY 70,000

  • Performance investigations

    Performance by corporations, etc.

    From JPY 100,000

  • Bank transaction checks

    Transactions with financial institutions such as banks

    From JPY 100,000

  • Sales surveys

    Sales achievements, sales routes, etc.

    From JPY 130,000

  • Cash flow surveys

    Misappropriation of funds, etc.

    From JPY 100,000

3.Crisis management investigations

  • Antisocial-force investigations

    Relations with organized crime groups

    From JPY 60,000

  • Investigations into internal confidential information leaks

    Identify the person leaking information, etc.

    From JPY 300,000

  • Tapping detection investigations

    Detect and search for tapping devices in rooms, telephones, etc.

    From JPY 100,000

  • Special shareholder investigations

    Affiliated organizations, activities, background, etc.

    From JPY 300,000

  • Corporate M&A investigations

    State and aims, etc., of M&A corporations

    From JPY 1,000,000

  • Fraud investigations

    Investigations into acts of tort such as fraud, breaches of trust, embezzlement, document forgery, etc.

    From JPY 100,000

  • Traffic accident investigations

    Traffic accident-related evidence collection

    From JPY 100,000

  • Real estate investigations

    Actual occupier situation, interest investigations

    From JPY 150,000

4.Investigations into individuals

  • Hiring checks

    Career checks, character, living situation, etc.

    From JPY 70,000

  • Personal background checks

    Name, date of birth, current address, living situation, family make-up, etc.

    From JPY 100,000

  • Personal circumstance checks

    Gender, career, qualifications, work situation, friends, background, debt, etc.

    From JPY 150,000

  • Background checks

    Personality, conduct checks, etc.

    From JPY 70,000

  • Borrowing investigations

    Checks into borrowing from financial institutions

    From JPY 50,000

  • Marriage partner checks

    Characters, work situation, etc.

    From JPY 100,000

  • Extramarital-affair investigations

    All-aspect surveys such as making inquiries

    From JPY 100,000

  • Special person investigations

    Overall surveys surrounding target

    From JPY 300,000

  • Claimer investigations

    Identification of specific individuals

    From JPY 70,000

5.Missing person investigations

  • Location investigations

    Identifying the whereabouts of a missing person

    From JPY 200,000

6.Behavior (shadowing, surveillance) investigations

  • Basic fees (4 hours)

    2-investigator system

    JPY 60,000

  • Hourly fees (per hour)

    2-investigator system

    JPY 15,000

  • Vehicle with wireless device

    Per vehicle per day

    JPY 10,000

7.Special investigations

  • Handwriting analysis

    Evidence appraisals for civil cases, etc.

    Separate consultation

8.Data checks

  • Investigations to discover leaseholders

    Current and past registered holders of condominiums and apartments, etc.

    From JPY 63,000

  • Investigations to discover employers

    Current and past employers, management companies

    From JPY 68,000

  • Investigations to discover addresses (location)

    Investigation from employer, landline telephone number, mobile telephone number (including cancelled numbers), name, address, post office box address, vehicle (ordinary, light) license number, etc.

    From JPY 71,000

  • Other checks and investigations

    We are also able to conduct investigations other than those described above. Please contact a representative for more details.

*We do not charge fees for data checks if we do not discover any data.

*The above stated fees do not include consumption tax. (Excluding data checks)

9.Overseas investigations

Fees for overseas investigations vary by country according to fluctuations in exchange rates, circumstances in each country, and the like. We conduct investigations in partnership with outstanding local agents active in 72 countries worldwide, and thus you will not be charged for airfare or expenses incurred at the destination, and other charges that are incurred by other investigators.

Seed money

We may ask for part of our fees in advance depending on the type of investigation, the circumstances surrounding the client, and so on.

Investigation Length

Asset and corporate investigationsRoughly one week to one month
Investigations into individualsRoughly one week to one month
Crisis management investigationsRoughly two weeks to two months
Behavior (shadowing) investigationsConsult with client