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Domestic investigations

Corporate credit checks Hiring checks Background checks Personal circumstance checks
Fraud investigations Traffic accident investigations Behavior (shadowing, surveillance)
Real estate investigations
Asset (property) checks Data checks Risk management Bug detection
Handwriting analysis Other investigation

Overseas investigations

Investigation regions China (Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang, Harbin, Shenzhen, etc.), Mongolia, Thailand, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, America (mainland), Canada, Brazil, Hawaii, Saipan, Guam, Bali, Indonesia, Europe, New York, Russia, Romania, etc.
Investigations in politically unstable countries or countries under civil war may not be possible.
Content of investigations


  1. Corporate credit checks
  2. Investigations into foreign nationals
  3. Overseas asset surveys
  4. People searches and missing person investigations
  5. Trademark and patent infringement investigations
  6. Other


  1. Extramarital-affair investigations involving overseas Japanese (or foreigners)
  2. Background investigations involving overseas Japanese (or foreigners)
  3. Personal background investigations involving foreigners in Japan
  4. International-marriage partner checks
  5. Overseas trouble consultations / marriage fraud, study-abroad trouble, etc.
  6. Other
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