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Domestic investigations

Corporate credit checks Performance, sellers, suppliers, business standing, financing, main bank(s), bank credit rating, assets, borrowing, etc.
Hiring checks Career, qualifications, conduct, living situation, etc.
Background checks Name, date of birth, current address, living situation, family make-up, etc.
Personal circumstance checks Career, gender, qualifications, suitability, work situation, friends, background, debt, living situation, family situation, etc.
Fraud investigations Investigations into acts of tort such as fraud, breaches of trust, embezzlement, document forgoing, etc.
Traffic accident investigations Traffic accident-related evidence collection
Behavior (shadowing, surveillance) investigations Behavior such as adultery, employees’ actual work situation, etc.
Real estate investigations Actual occupier situation, interest investigations
Asset (property) checks Investigations associated with movables, real property, income, etc., debt collection
> See here for more details on asset (property) checks
Data checks Inquire for details
Risk management Support corporate crisis measures plan proposals
Consulting, internal fraud, fraud, embezzlement related investigations, corporate espionage, fact-finding surveys and evidence collection for lawsuits, countermeasures for leaks of personal information and trade secrets, threats, measures against organized crime
Bug detection Telephone, fax, conversations in rooms, etc.
Handwriting analysis Will authenticity, etc.

Overseas investigations

Investigation regions China (Shanghai, Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang, Harbin, Shenzhen, etc.), Mongolia, Thailand, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, America (mainland), Canada, Brazil, Hawaii, Saipan, Guam, Bali, Indonesia, Europe, New York, Russia, Romania, etc.
Investigations in politically unstable countries or countries under civil war may not be possible.
Content of investigations


  1. Corporate credit checks
  2. Investigations into foreign nationals
  3. Overseas asset surveys (accounts, real property, etc.)
  4. People searches and missing person investigations
  5. Trademark and patent infringement investigations
  6. Other


  1. Extramarital-affair investigations involving overseas Japanese (or foreigners)
  2. Background investigations involving overseas Japanese (or foreigners)
  3. Personal background investigations involving foreigners in Japan
  4. International-marriage partner checks
  5. Overseas trouble consultations / marriage fraud, study-abroad trouble, etc.
  6. Other